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Product name : 200W Poly Solar Panel
Item : QW-P200W
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  200W Polycrystalline Silicon solar panel

Renewable energy is energy that comes from natural sources that are almost always available, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, and even heat. Since creating environmentally-friendly energy solutions is crucial, the renewable energy industry has become a key business that will only increase in importance in future years and decades. Solar energy is often regarded as the most efficient renewable energy source for generating electricity.

1. High cell efficiency with quality silicon materials for long term output stability and reliability.
2. Rigorous quality control to meet highest international standards.
3. High transmittance low iron tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance
4. Unique frame design, high mechanical strength, and easy Installation.
5. Advanced encapsulation material with multiplayer sheet lamination to provide efficient protection from the severest environmental conditions
6. Outstanding electrical performance under high temperature and low irradiance conditions

1. Our Solar Panels which are made of high quality cells are laminated with high-intensity and high transparence tempered glass integrated with TPT, EVA seal material by specialized equipment.
2. Over 25 years life time, hailstone resistance, working in good order under great changes of temperature.
3. Reliable performance and without maintenance during using period.

Solar cells applications:
1. Any large or small on-grid or off-grid solar power stations
2. Commercial and industrial building roof-top systems
3. Residential roof-top systems
4. Any commercial or industrial ground mount systems
5. Other industrial or commercial applications

Quality and Safety:
1)25 year 80%, 10 year 90% power warranty 5 year full power warranty;

Technical Specifications:

Solar panel Electrical Data


210 W

200 W

190 W


Nominal peak power(Pmax)

210 Wp

200 Wp

190 Wp


Maximum power voltage(Vmp)

27.2 V

27.2 V

27.2 V

27.2 V

Maximum power current(Imp)

7.72 A

7.72 A

7.72 A

7.72 A

Short-circuit current(Isc)

8.49 A

8.09 A 

7.68 A

7.28 A

Open circuit voltage(Voc)

32.3 V

32.3 V

32.3 V

32.3 V

Optimized cell efficiency( η )



14.5 %

13.7 %

Power tolerance:  ± 3%









Operating temperature               

-40 ° Cto +85 ° C

Maximum system voltage               






Temperature and Coefficients




48 ° ± ° C

Current temperature coefficient

%/ ° C


Voltage temperature coefficient

%/ ° 


Power temperature coefficient

%/ ° C


NOCT:Nominal Operation Cell Temperature





Additional Data




Number of cells and type of connection

96,serial connection


1485 * 992 * 50 mm

Net weight

18 Kgs/pc

Gross weight

623kgs/ctn(28pcs/ctn) 46kgs/ctn(2pcs/ctn)

Package dimension

1655x1140x1198mm   1618x1080x110mm

Container loading


STC: Irradiance of 1000W /m2, Air Mass of 1.5, Cell Temperature of 25 ° C





Guaranteed Power Output
   Warranted Tolerance:  ± 5%

15 year:90% of its nominal power rating

25 year:80% of its nominal power rating

Impact Resistance

Can bear the force that is generated by one 227g

steel ball fall down from 1m height

Warranty period

10 years:Materials and workmanship defects


Polycrystalline   silicon photovoltaic cell


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